Use These 10 Tips For Securing Your Garage

Use These 10 Tips For Securing Your Garage

No one wants to leave their home thinking that everything is fine, only to get the call that your home has been broken into. Not only is a break in going to make you feel violated, but it can be quite depressing, especially when there are some really simple tips for securing your garage that you could have done to avoid the break in.

Fortunately for you, you’ve stumbled (or found?) this page! We have 10 great tips on how to secure a garage door and invariably, protecting your family and home from intruders.

10 Tips For Securing Your Garage

Here are 10 tips to help you keep your family and your property safe.

Installing An Outdoor Motion Sensor Light

Burglars are less inclined to try to break into a home that is well lit. Motion detection lights use infrared waves that will detect any kind of movement—depending on how sensitive you have the setting. These lights can be your first line of defense to scare off potential thieves.

Installing A Security System

You may already have a security system installed in your home, but it’s also a good idea to have a garage security system as well. If someone tries to break in through the garage, an alarm will sound, alerting the authorities to come to the home for assistance.

Install a Home Security System

Keep The Windows Covered

If there are any windows in your garage, you’ll want to apply some kind of covering, be it a window frosting, curtains, or blinds. With these coverings, burglars won’t be able to see inside the garage to scope out whether or not someone is home, or to see what kind of valuables you have in the garage.

Most thieves won’t waste their time on trying to break into a garage that doesn’t have anything of value in it, or if there is a car inside because that could indicate someone is home.

Get A Guard Dog

Understandably, not everyone will want to have a large guard dog in their home—either because someone in the house is allergic to dogs or they are concerned about the safety of small children.

Cool Guard Dog

However, if you are looking for a pet, a guard dog can be a big deterrent to burglars. No one wants to come face to face with a protective dog and find out if their bite is in fact worse than their bite!

Never Leave The Remote In Plain View

A lot of people will leave their garage door openers clipped to the visor of their car, but this isn’t a good idea, especially if the car isn’t in the garage!

Perhaps the easiest way of securing a garage door is by keeping the remote with your keys or hiding the remote somewhere in your car, be it in the glove box (preferably a locked glove box), some kind of cubby hole, or under the seat.

Garage Door Security Measures

There are a few ways that you can secure your garage door. The best way to secure a garage door, we feel, is to use a zip tie or two to lock the arm on the automatic opener to disengage it. This technique will prevent thieves from using a bypass technique, while still allowing you to pull the safety handle and break the zip-ties in case of an emergency.

Garage Door

Other methods of how to make a garage door more secure include using security locks like deadbolts, padlocks, and using programmable entry codes. The door itself should be made from a sturdy and durable material like solid wood, a thick metal, or even fiberglass.

Use A Timer

Almost all modern garage door openers will have a timer feature. With this feature, you can set it to close automatically after the door has been opened. We’ve all been in a situation where you’re running late, you’re distracted, or you just plain ole’ forget to close the garage door. By setting the timer on your unit, the door will close by itself if you do forget to close it.

Never Leave The Garage Door Open

You might be surprised by how many people will leave their garage doors open, even when they are home. We recommend against this because you never know who is driving by, looking for an easy target.

Open Door From Garage

If someone drives by, they may notice that nice weed whacker you’ve got, the Craftsman tool box, or those expensive mountain bikes. It’s always a good idea to keep the garage door closed.

Locks All The Doors

Not only do you want to make sure the door that connects the house to the garage has strong locks on it, you also want to use a padlock on the throw latch whenever you’re going to be out of time. If there isn’t a manual lock on the door, you could also use a C-clamp to tighten down each side of the door track. This will be effective to “lock” the door.

Perform Regular Maintenance On The Garage Door

You should always perform regular maintenance on your garage door. This includes looking for any weak spots in the door, making sure it closes all the way, and there are no gaps. You should also check the door that connects the garage to the house as well.

Inspect the door jam, the locks, hinges, and the door knob to make sure they are in good repair. If not, fix them!

Sometimes, unexpected visitors like rodents may become a huge threat to your garage and all the expensive items you store there! It is important to use effective pest control methods to keep pests away.

Protecting your home should be your top priority because no one wants to feel violated in their own home, much less have their possessions stolen! With these 10 simple tips for securing your garage, you can bet that you’ll be able to sleep a little more peacefully at night.

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