Choose The Right Garage Door Sizes For Your Project

The Right Garage Door Sizes For Your Project

Maybe it’s time to update your home’s curb appeal. How do you do that? One of the quickest and chicest ways of doing this is by updating the garage door. Lots of homeowners will replace their garage door at least once, so it’s important that you find the door that you know what you’re getting into.

The most common problem people have is choosing which of the garage door sizes will work for their home. To choose the correct size, your lifestyle and the intended use of the garage is something that you’ll want to take into consideration.

Once you do, you will be able to look at doors that fall within one of four categories:

  • Standard garage doors
  • Double garage doors
  • RV garage doors
  • Commercial garage doors

To help you understand the differences between these garage door sizes and their uses, we’ve got a little guide that can help you determine which will help you the best.

Standard Garage Door Sizes

The standard garage door width should be wide enough to fit a van, SUV, small truck or car. They will typically have measurements ranging from 8’ x 7’ and will go up to 10’ x 7’. If needed, you can find them smaller or larger, depending for your specific needs. The standard garage door height will be between 7 to 8 feet high.

Double Garage Door Sizes

A double door garage size will typically measure between 12’ x 7’ and can go up to 16’ x 7’. These doors are designed for homeowners who have larger vehicles, or more than one vehicle. It is recommended that when you’re looking at garage door dimensions that you also consider how long your car is. By keeping this in mind, you’ll be able to choose the door that will accommodate your needs the best.

Garage Door Double Size

RV Ready Garage Door Sizes

If you have an RV, you are going to need a larger garage door (and garage!). The recommended size will vary depending on the size of your RV, but generally speaking, a 16’ x 8’ door (with a 9’ tall ceiling) should would beautifully.

Commercial Garage Door Sizes

The typical commercial sized garage door will measure 32’2” x 24’1”. However, your commercial building may need a larger (or smaller) door. You may be able to find companies that will have a commercial garage door sizing chart so you can find the right size door.

Comercial Sizes of Garage Doors

Wrapping Up Garage Door Sizes

Whether you’re upgrading for aesthetic purposes or your old door has become faulty, a new garage door can have a huge impact on the look of your home. To maximize the WOW factor and the functionality of the door, you should always double check the size door you will need for your home. In most instances, you can get away with the most common single garage door sizes.

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