Avoid Waking The Baby With These 5 Garage Door Noise Reduction Tips

Avoid Waking The Baby With These 5 Garage Door Noise Reduction Tips

It doesn’t matter how quiet you are while in the garage, the moment you open your garage door, the whole house will hear—which is not going to be fun if the family is sleeping! Maybe it’s because you have a noisy garage door opener, or there’s something wrong with the door itself. Whatever the case may be, your family might want you to start fixing the squeaky garage doors, pronto!

Garage Door Noise Reduction Tips

We’ve got some garage door noise reduction tips that will take that rickety, noisy garage door and turn it into a silent (or significantly quieter) machine.

1. If your garage door squeaks, the most common fix is just adding a bit of lubrication to the working parts and tightening any loose bolts on the hinges. For lubrication, you can use 10W-30 motor oil and apply it to the rollers, the hinges, tracks and the springs.

Lubricating Garage Door

2. If the garage door squeaks loudly even after you’ve lubricated the working parts and tightened the bolts and screws, you may need to replace some of the components like switching from steel rollers to nylon rollers.

Nylon rollers are going to be much quieter than the steel rollers. Also, the nylon rollers aren’t going to require lubrication, which helps to reduce the amount of maintenance you’ll have to do on this part.

3. Add a rubber to act as a buffer on the garage door and the supports on the opener. This rubber will greatly reduce any garage door noise and it’s relatively easy to do. Simply remove the bolts that hold the door to the track and slide a very thin (about ¼” wide) piece of rubber between the bolt assembly and the door. Reassemble the whole thing and you’re good to go.

Rubber for vibration absorbtion

4. Use garage door noise reduction insulators between the slotted metal brace for the motor and the motor block. These insulators are cylindrical pieces of rubber that are affixed with two screws. The insulators act as a buffer to quell the vibration between the two pieces.

5. Oiling the chain of your garage door opener can help reduce the noise. You don’t want to use a lot of oil—a little will go a long way! You will also want make sure the chain is nice and taut. Also, if you have a belt drive garage door opener, do not apply any lubricant.

Wrap Up

There’s no denying that being woken up by a garage door that squeaks is quite annoying, but the door doesn’t have to stay that way.

With these simple garage door noise reduction tips, you can quiet those noises with ease. Preventative maintenance can greatly reduce the chances of your garage door making noise.

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